Sunday, February 1, 2009

I Agree with Barack Obama

I just watched Barack Obama’s interview with Matt Lauer on NBC’s pre-superbowl show, and once again Obama addressed the need for a play-off system in college football. I agree. The interview also re-enforced the impression I got during the campaign that Obama is a decent and likable guy. I would happily watch a football game with him and buy him a beer. I certainly wish him well.

His family seems charming and should be entirely off limits. Unlike Bill Clinton, who promised “buy one get one free” and then hypocritically claimed the mantle of chivalrous uxorial protector when Jerry Brown legitimately criticized Hillary’s professional ethics, Obama has not indicated that Michelle will have any responsibility for policy in his administration.

Obama’s family members have just entered a pressure-cooker (sorry for the cliché, but how else to say it?). They deserve our support and respect for their privacy.

I sincerely hope that those of us who did not vote for Obama, and who will, no doubt, have many opportunities to criticize his policies and decisions in the next four or eight years, will never slip into the cesspool of vitriolic ad hominen attacks that critics of Bush wallowed in and canalized and befouled, with increasing hysteria, for eight screech-filled years.

Barack is my president—he is every American’s president.

Now let’s get to work setting up that play-off system.

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