Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Unpopularity is Worse than Terrorism

This is why terrorism works: because although specifically targeting civilians in free societies should making moral distinctions between the perpetrators of these crimes, on the one hand, and the victims of these crimes, on the other, exceedingly easy for anyone with even a modicum of decency and sense, acts of terror force free societies to take actions to defend themselves that make them unpopular with Western European left-wing intellectuals.

This is what has happened to Israel since Arafat began his terror campaign against the Jewish State; this is what has happened to the US since 9/11.

And the American and Israeli left-wing intellectuals’ need to be loved by Western European left-wing intellectuals, is, apparently, greater than their desire to not be blown to bits, or have their fellow citizens blown to bits, by Islamic terrorists.

Israel will never be popular with Western European left-wing intellectuals (until, perhaps, it is destroyed). The US is now more popular with Western European left-wing intellectuals than it has been since 9/11, but the Obama Administration will, no doubt, soon be forced to make a choice between sacrificing this popularity and sacrificing Israel.

And it will have to make a similar choice with respect to America’s security.

What good, really, is popularity, if you are dead, or radioactive?

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